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Bev-Tech is a spin-off of Anaspec Solutions and was founded in 2020. The idea of this young company is to focus on unique analysis sytems for measuring quality of (non)alcoholic beverages. For example in beer we can measure 16 parameters directly in the bottle or can within some minutes.


Easy sampling without changing the sample is our goal. The FT(N)IR instrument used has the best specs in the world and above all no need for preventative maintenance during approx. 10 years. This saves thousands of euros per instrument per year. 


Quality is our mission. We listen to customers wishes and can adapt customer specific when necessary.

Together with our customers we make the models to measure most of the parameters, customer and beverage specific. When own investment is too expensive we can help with rental or outsourcing the analysis to us. 

So what you are looking for, you will find at Bev-Tech and most likely we can deliver Today.


If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone. 

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Best Quality and Maintenance Free

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Beer Tap

FT(N)IR Analyzer and accessory

There is a need for measuring many parameters in beverages for quality control of every batch. The quicker the analysis the better, but of course with the highest accuracy possible. Measuring inline even better and also possible with the FT(N)IR techniques. 

Within some minutes many parameters can be measured in bottle or can directly. No need for sample preparations and long measurements by using a special piercing/filling device. 

The specs and quality of the best FT(N)IR spectromer of ABB/Q-interline is famous for decades. Less known is the fact that with the last design (release 2007) the systems were even maintenance free. For approx. 10 years no preventative maintenance is necessary. Expensive service contracts can be changed for real application support contracts, meaning validation, finetuning of models or new parameters. Together with you and your samples and lab values, we can get the most stable and accurate models.


Beer on tap

Piercing&Sampling device

The Piercing and Filling device can be used for bottles and cans. It allows you to sample without sample preparation such as degassing and filtering. The device is easy and save to operate, robust and easy to clean. 

The can or bottle  can be placed in the cabinet, where a safety shield has to be closed before operating. With pressurised inert gas the can or lid made of steel or plastic can be pierced. A sampling probe can be lowered where the sample flows due to the pressurized bottle or can  to the analyzer.

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Application Support & Service

Our FT(N)IR instrument has no scheduled preventative maintenance needed for approx. 10 years. In stead of offering you expensive preventative maintenance contracts we would rather offer you real Support Contracts. After approx. 10 years we contact you for changing the pre-alignment lampmodule or if you would like it to do it yourself we can send you a complete description how to do this.  


Before you start your day the instrument needs a reference. With this reference it will check several specs and criteria, so you know the instrument is working fine. Validation of the instrument whether it still fulfills the factory specs and can be done by yourself, us or even remotely.

Application Support for new parameters, finetuning or new recipes can be done by us together with you. If finetuning is needed or when new recipes has to be added, we need spectra of your drinks and your labvalues. Preferably in duplicate.

We will help you with loading  the updated models in the software. 

Via AnalyticTrust cloud software it is even possible to make special validation rules. Operators and QA managers get a message how and when to validate, this can be set as a hard requirement. With this kind of validation trending phenomena can be tackled easily, which improves quality and yield. Suggestions of what to do, like finetuning the model, slope or bias correction are given. And if preferred automatcally uploaded in the software.

We zijn er trots op dat we hoogwaardige producten maken. Neem vandaag nog contact met ons op.

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Are you looking for placing an order or for more information?

Don't hesitate to contact us. 

John Raedeckersingel 18A, 2811 VK  Reeuwijk, The Netherlands


CoCnr. 77746864 / VATID NL002940699B38

Thank you for your message, you will be contacted shortly.

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